ZENESISTM Technology 2.0: Evolution from the company that started a revolution


We knew from the beginning that a simple pattern was not enough. Through years of research & development, our engineering team at ZENESISTM has refined our proprietary patterned diamond tools to achieve maximum performance without sacrificing the longevity of the product or the smoothness of the cut. Our pattern exposes the ideal number of the highest quality diamonds throughout the tool life, providing consistent performance from start to finish.


• Speed: Up to 70% faster cutting speed

• Life: Up to 70% longer tool life

Hybrid Layering - Our commitment to performance runs deep


By combining 2 layering techniques with extraordinary degrees of precision, we ensure that our high-quality diamonds will always be evenly exposed on all sides of the segment to allow fast cutting and efficient debris removal. And we’ve rigorously exacted our manufacturing tolerances to ensure a perfect pattern cut after cut, grind after grind, shape after shape.


ZENESISTM is a platform technology that brings to life dramatic improvement in diamond tool performance through the ability to custom design and mass produce optimal patterns of diamonds based on application needs.

Conventional Diamond Tools


Diamonds are randomly distributed.

Random variation results in inconsistent product performance. Trade-off is made between cutting speed and tool life.


Simple Arrangement of Diamonds


Elimination of randomness provides only marginal improvement in performance.

Does not justify the increase in cost.


ZENESISTM Technology 2.0:

An evolution of a revolution


Delivers optimal, customized patterns of diamonds

for specific applications

Hybrid layering provides maximum diamond exposure for enhanced performance

Up to 70% faster cutting speed

Up to 70% longer life

Cost-effective mass production

Proprietary, patented technologies


  • 2016 ZENESIS