Polishing ZASHP

ZENESIS™ 3‐STEP POLISHING PADS will save you time and make you money. Our pads give a spot on factory finish in half the time as traditional 7‐step pads. The #1 pad sands the stone and takes out saw marks and light pitting; does the work of 50 to 200 grit. #2 pad hones the material taking out any swirl marks preparing the stone for polishing; does the work of 200 to 800 grit. #3 pad puts on an amazing high gloss polish; does the work of 800 to 3000 grit.

  • Unique Hybrid resin works great wet or dry
  • Super high diamond concentration allows 1 pad to do the work of 3
  • Special white resin will not stain your material
  • Optional hyper aggressive position 0 can extend the life of #1 and #2

Part No. Description
ZASHP0400A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, Position 0, Black Backing
ZASHP0401A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, Position 1, Blue Backing
ZASHP0402A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, Position 2, Yellow Backing
ZASHP0403A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, Position 3, Orange Backing
Available Sizes