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The ZENESIS™ ZERO TOLERANCE WHEELS feature resin-filled metal segments for fast grinding with reduced vibration. Since they use ZENESIS™ pattern technology, the tool life is long and the finish exceptionally smooth.

  • 5/8"-11 thread.
  • Grinds Granite and Engineered Stone
  • Can be used wet or dry

Part No. Description Arbor Size
ZGDSC02158AF 2" x 1-5/8" 5/8"-11 Threaded
ZGDSC03158AF 3" x 1-5/8" 5/8"-11 Threaded
Available Sizes

diameter 2 x 1-5/8"
arbor 5/8"-11 Threaded

diameter 3 x 1-5/8"
arbor 5/8"-11 Threaded