Polishing ‚óŹ ZEPPD

Introducing the revolutionary ZENESIS™ Z-Flex Dry Ceramic Polishing Pads - a true game changer in the stone industry. Unleashing cutting-edge technology, these pads stand out as one of the most flexible in the market, transforming the polishing experience. Specifically designed for intricate edge details like ogee, the Z-Flex Dry pads redefine flexibility.

Unlike traditional resin bonds that merely secure diamonds in place, our new ceramic bond formulation goes beyond - actively enhancing the polishing process. To cater to exotic materials and restoration applications, we've introduced two additional grits: 30 and 5000. These pads exhibit exceptional versatility, delivering impeccable polishing results on natural stone, porcelain, and glass.

Experience the evolution of stone polishing with ZENESIS™ Z-Flex Dry Ceramic Polishing Pads - where flexibility meets precision for a flawless finish.

Part No. Description
ZEPPD040030A1 30, Purple velcro backing
ZEPPD040050A1 50, Navy velcro backing
ZEPPD040100A1 100, Yellow velcro backing
ZEPPD040200A1 200, Orange velcro backing
ZEPPD040400A1 400, Red velcro backing
ZEPPD040800A1 800, Green velcro backing
ZEPPD041500A1 1500, Blue velcro backing
ZEPPD043000A1 3000, Brown velcro backing
ZEPPD045000A1 5000, White velcro backing
Available Sizes