Polishing ‚óŹ ZASHP

ZENESIS™ POLISHING PADS give the highest quality shine and longest life of any pad on the market. It was 19% better than the #1 pad on the market when compared using a gloss meter. Highest quality diamonds, specially formulated resin and a unique segment pattern combine to make this go to pad for the most discriminating fabricators. Do a complete value analysis and you will find they are a great cost saver too.

  • Removes dull spots, etches, and uneven surfaces quickly
  • Shorter polishing times on the most difficult stone surfacess
  • Better shine (higher gloss reading)
Part No. Description
ZASHP040050A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 50 grit, Blue Backing
ZASHP040100A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 100 grit, Yellow Backing
ZASHP040200A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 200 grit, Orange Backing
ZASHP040400A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 400 grit, Red Backing
ZASHP040800A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 800 grit, Green Backing
ZASHP041500A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 1500 grit, Light Blue Backing
ZASHP043000A2 4" X 2.8mm X 5/8, 3000 grit, Brown Backing
Available Sizes