ZENESIS™ Z‐Pattern Blade

Bridge Saw Blade 18mm ‚óŹ ZESG

Equipped with our unique ZENESIS™ pattern diamond technology, the ZENESIS™ Z‑Pattern Blade is proven to deliver the fastest and cleanest cut available on the market. This high‐performing blade has been expertly developed for wet use only on granite and engineered stone and is proven to perform reliably at feed rates 5–10 feet per minute.

  • Available with unique ZENESIS™ pattern diamond technology
  • Wet only
  • 18mm segment height

Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZESG20V18T1212T 12" 18mm 50/60mm
ZESG20V18T1412T 14" 18mm 50/60mm
ZESG20V18T1612T 16" 18mm 50/60mm
ZESG20V18T1814T 18" 18mm 50/60mm
ZESG20V18T2014T 20" 18mm 50/60mm