Saw Blades ‚óŹ ZRG10SX

Introducing the cutting-edge Z-Max Turbo Blade, the epitome of high-performance in small-diameter stone blades. Its distinctive segment design ensures remarkably fast and precise cuts in both natural and engineered stones. Experience unparalleled efficiency as this blade effortlessly navigates through any stone surface. The Z-Max Turbo Blade features oversized cooling holes that prevent overheating, even when cutting through 3cm quartzite. This ensures consistent and reliable performance, making it the go-to choice for demanding stone-cutting applications.

  • Available with quad adaptor holes in sizes 4.5", 5.3", 6", 7"
  • Cuts Granite, Engineered Stone, and Quartzite

Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZRG10SX4509C 4.5" 10mm 7/8-20mm-5/8, 4 flush cut
ZRG10SX05309C 5.3" 10mm 7/8-20mm-5/8, 4 flush cut
ZRG10SX0609C 6" 10mm 7/8-20mm-5/8, 4 flush cut
ZRG10SX0709U 7" 10mm UA-5/8, 4 flush cut